We’ve launched our new website!

As part of the project supported by the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre and thanks to the mutual cooperation with digital companies Foxily and Endpoint Digital, we have prepared a new website that will present you what we are able to offer, what our processes are and what our long-term partners say about us.
We believe that continuous improvement is central to success in any industry. That’s why we are moving forward, and in addition to our regular direct mail services, we have expanded our scope and are transforming into a full-fledged digital printing company. Read more about the Printerra project in our next article.
But that’s not all, the current version of the website is just a stepping stone for further growth, so make sure to follow us and discover the new features and information you will find here.
We hope you’ll find our site as interesting and as packed as our envelopes, which by the way can hold up to 14 prints!