we founded a full-fledged digital printer PRINTERRA

Dear customers and business partners,

We are pleased to announce the creation of the new PRINTERRA project, which has moved the CMS into the realm of full-fledged digital printers. By merging with LNT, s.r.o., a printing studio from Chýně, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of printing technologies and know-how. With this move, we can offer you, our customers, comprehensive turnkey printing and mailing services under one roof with even greater added value.

As standard, we print classic products for you – letters, envelopes, flyers, catalogues and other materials you want to send to your customers. From November 1, we are preparing a fully automated system for you on our website, where you can simply enter any printing request – business cards, calendars, diaries, posters, stickers, photos, cards, puzzles, images and many other products, the system will calculate an accurate calculation and allow you to upload the print data in a simple drag and drop way. Confirm your order by sending it to us and we will take care of everything. 

The length of standard order processing depends on the specific products, but in general it is one of the fastest on the Czech market. Before sending your order, you will be able to choose the “express” and “super express” service, where for a certain additional fee we will place your order ahead of the others, produce it and deliver it to your desk in the shortest possible time.

We can create the most commonly used templates for you in the system and allow you to archive all your orders, including print data, so you have everything clearly in one place.

We look forward to your new orders!

David Frost